Teens don’t want to use condoms and get pregnant. They know they can’t afford a baby and/or not mentally ready, but somehow they manage to convince themselves they can do it.

I’ve seen my friends become pregnant while unemployed. The sad thing, their boyfriends are unemployed too! How horrible. They claim they are “pro-Life” yet they don’t create a happy home for THEIR child. It’s sickening. And on top of it all they want to go on Facebook and vent that they “never have time to themselves”, and they “can’t relax”.

Are they surprised? Honestly, you’re a mere idiot if you didn’t think RAISING a force of life was going to be EASY…It’s utterly mind blowing. 

Let’s not forget Abortion, Birth Control, and other Contraceptives are FREE at local clinic’s like PLANNED PARENTHOOD.


Did you know? If you’re a teen mom your son or daughter is more likely to take part in a teenage pregnancy.

It’s a sad world. 


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